Managed IT Services

Businesses of every size need IT support. Whether there are trained professionals on staff or a small group of technology-minded employees brought in to mind the IT, most business’s IT is not covered by their area of expertise. While it is tempting to keep everything internal, modern cloud, mobile, and IoT computing make the need for properly managed IT essential to businesses of any size.

Because businesses don’t have the resource to build a dedicated IT support team, they often resort to pulling in people whose expertise is actually website design, engineering, or coding. While these individuals have the latent ability to handle IT, they are rarely ever trained, equipped, or have enough experience to do the job well.

What Is A Managed IT Provider?​

This is where Pacific Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP) plans can help businesses of all sizes. Rather than using the effort, energy, and other resources to build an internal management team, an MSP will provide the experienced IT support and management from their own expertise. An MSP plan takes the experience, technology, and training of expert IT management teams and makes it available to businesses of all sizes.

Our Services


Remote Support

Successfully managing a business in the digital age requires keeping in step with the latest technology and also knowing how to use that technology to fit your company’s needs. Pacific Coast Tech empowers your business to be a top competitor in your industry by providing quality remote managed services that utilize HIPPA recognized standards for a secure, scalable and reliable remote monitoring platform.

Help Desk

Our helpdesk is a single place to report your issues and service requests, providing a systematic approach to managing IT. Each request will generate a ticket, creating a historical log of all known issues and helping to prevent the same issues from constantly occurring.


You’ll receive comprehensive reports that are detailed monthly. This helps to simplify capacity management and upgrade planning and justifies technology investments.


Across multiple industries there is mandatory compliance when it comes to data and security. This includes PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST and others. We can help you report on compliance and meet those requirements.